Sunday, August 31, 2008

its Fasting Month!!!

wow!! ive been waiting for this month to be a good muslim.. in this month.. firstly, fasting is good for your health it gives your digestion system a rest.. secondly, we believe in this month we will have ' a lipat ganda of pahala' if we make a good deeds.. we also have 'terawih' where every night in puasa month we will go to mosque and perform our prayers... the best thing is.. during fasting month there will be bazaar ramadhan where all the delicious food that we can only eat during fasting month will be waiting for us.. our fasting period will be from sahur which is around 4.00 am and until maghrib ( 7.30pm) we will break fast...for the next point, fasting will make ur body from
to this---------->
well its kinda hard to change my bed time.. i have to sleep earlier... so that i could wake up early to have my sahur..but it could discipline me.
honestly, i miss sleeping till morning.
my niece,ana: iku iku!! bangun sahur..
iku,mw: yo lah yo lah..!!
actually i just took this picture just now.. hahaha..
we were watching movie..haha.. naah.. it was family guy!!

this is wat we could do during fasting month( a good month)......

1) fasting <-------- duhhhh
2) pray for god forgiveness
3) be a good muslim
4) give alms to poor people
5) help those in need
6) invite people to break fast together
7) go for terawih
8) give zakat
9) not to do anything undesirable
10) buy sufficient delicious food from bazaar ramadhan

10 things that will 'batal' our puasa..

1) not fasting unless u have a period or u are really sick or u will die if u fast..
2) dig any hole on your your ear,nose,_____ fill in the blank
3) curse someone
4) masturbate
5) have sex
6) watch porn
7) fainted
8) sleeping for the whole day
9) wear exposed outfit
10) puke

so to all muslim.. this is a lil poem for ya
jika hati sejernih air, jangan dibiar ia keruh,
jika hati seputih awan, jangan biar ia mendung,
jika hati seindah bulan, kekalkan ia dlm iman.

--- this is extract from a text message i got from my friend ,selamat berpuasa..

Saturday, August 30, 2008


yesterday was all about fun fun fun fun fun fun and fun fun ... after ai lins great pool party.. me n megat went back to kgsaas.. we met wey jian(my new chinese rempit friend), ismail(tuan rumah) ,shazrin ( my lovely petbro),nabil( the marlboro man ), andmany more... shazrin was singing a chinese song... it was soo funny when he did all the emotional move that has always be seen in emo video clip..

we were soo hyper.. we watch a lot of fire works... and some of them were playing with the buggy.. they were soo out of their mind.. and i was kinda serabut because i was sick and tired.. i slept for only 4 hours.. i did a mistake.. if i had enuff sleep i cud at least stay longer.. but i really had fun with them.. laughing my ass off.. well ... what wud i do without them... i love my friends more than everything.... thank you for the great nite ever event.. NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the picture of the day

after maths period.. we went to agama room to search for ustad... but ustad didnt come today.. so we just stood outside of the agama room and chit chat.. me,hazman and, hazman was bored.. he decided to punch azims nuts.. so this is azims reaction.. i felt sorry for you azim.. he laid on the ground.. with pitching sound came out from his mouth after his balls got wacked.. i think he was asking for help or screamming in pain.. i dunno.. but it sure was a great moment...

this is azims trying to stand. hazman was laughing this time..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the 50% truth.

1. a person who says " dude,im gaining weight" or " omg! im very fat la " or " do you hear that? that growling sound..haha it came from my second stomach" is not fat..

2. a person who loves to whisper to tell their secret usually has bad breath.

3. a person who has bad body odour loves to hug people.

4. a person who said " walauweh.. the paper just now.. damn hard weyh.. " usually score good result in their exam.

5. a person who comes to school and eat mcdonald for breakfast is miya.. <----- this is 100% truth

6. a person who creates attention in class usually has lack of attention at home.

7. a person who smoke weed will success in life.

8. a person who compose song is a loner.

9. a person who always make promise is untrustable.

10. a person who said to his/her life partner " i can't live without you" usually do not last.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

things that i felt sorry for

today my brother fetched me from school... we had great lunch at SACC..after that we went to my fathers shop in PKNS... apesal monitor aku nie tibe2 blank... ok its ok already... soo suddenly my brother was busy.. and i have to wait for him until he finishes all his work... meantime, i was craving for some cookies or snacks.. so, i went to the bakery shop.. the shop sells cookies,muffin,tart, macam2 lah malas aku nak promote.. i wanted to buy the chocolate cookies in a packet.. but something else happen..

miya: kak saye nak cookies.. ( i was holding that packet of cookies in my hand)

cashier: kejap yer saye ambik cookies ... awak nak timbang ker...? nak bape ringgit?

miya: (aku nie kat kedai cookies ker kat kedai india jual rempah nie... main timbang2 pulak) err.. timbang aper kak...?

cashier: cookies lah.. nie hah...( she put this one big jar of chocolate coated with oat on the table and showed it to me) .

miya: akak tu aper tu...? tu bukan cookies lah..

casier: nie lah cookies ...

miya: habeh yang saya pegang nie aper?

cashier: tu chocolate chip....(with confident tone)

miya: takper lah kak saye tak jadi nak beli lah..

after i have lost her image out of my sight.. theres a huge combination of emotion fuse in my feeling.. i wanted to laugh but i pity her because she doesnt know how to differentiate a simple thing as that.. maybe it is not her fault.. maybe her boss did not tell her..or maybe her boss did not know as well... or maybe she is the boss of the bakery shop.. she was so blur..when i ask her.. she will make the ' i dunt give a damn what u said.. i just want your money' face.. actually i dunno how to end this post soo.. its gonna be a boring one too.. and... i am blur like the kakak just now...arghh fuck it..


Saturday, August 23, 2008

nobita and doraemon are gay!!!

i cant believe they are gay... when i took a glance of this destroyed my childhood moment.. i tot that nobita loves sizuka.. but no...nobita is unfaithful bastard... he cheated on sizuka.. hes fucked up train wrecks.. arghhh... i hate them i hate them... i know that doraemon has everything and he can just grab in his pocket and give to nobita anything that he desire.. but not EVERYTHING in his pocket.. stupid big head blue alien cat ... take a look at this picture...and u guys will knoe how i feel... the picture was taken at nobitas room when his parents are in bed.. this is what they do everynight.. i cant believe it.. picture says a thousand word...

why nobita... WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! u ruined my childhood moment...

how i survive from tonsils...

i have not update my blog for a long time because ive been suffering from this disease.. i always kena this disease... last time i got this disease once a month ( not my period ) . this disease is called TONSILS ... this is when my left throat will get swollen as big as my thumb.. especially my left throat....tonsils is worse than sorethroat it is like my sorethroat got sorethroat... if u have sorethroat u can still talk but your voice will not be that clear.. but if tonsils.. u cant even open your mouth because if you do open your mouth your throat will start to move and thats when it hurts..guess what? it comesin combo.. the cause of tonsils is because insufficient of water intake.. your body temperature will rise .. soo wat other disease can i get due to my rising body temperature..? of course its a goddamn fever,uncontrollable flam,flu, head dizziness and cough.. waaahh come in chun wan... luckily my sister came yesterday.. i asked her to buy me some medicine...she told me what happen in the pharmacy

kakak: errr .. ade ubat untuk sakit tekak tak? adik saye sakit tekak

pharmacist: ade ade.. tekak bengkak mcm mane...jenis sorethroat ker tonsils..

kakak: tekak bengkak mcm katak ( this is my sisters way how to explain that my throat is swollen )

pharmacist: ouhh tonsils lah tu.. nah ambik ubat nie.. ubat nie yang paling bagus sebab satu biji rm2..

kakak: sooo nak ambik bape bijik nie.

pharmacist: 6 bijik lah so everything will be rm12..

kakak: (nasib baik aku sayang adik)

do you want to know what is my meal yesterday... 4 mangkuk of the same bubur... 4 bottle of plain water.. 1 cup of air asam jawa... which is really really sour .. its like a combination of unripe mango that has green skin and 1 cup of vinegar...

i peed 10 times yesterday!!!!!

sooo... this is my how my tonsils look like.. i drew it soo u guys will know how bad it is.. and if your guys really want to know how big is my tonsils and to proof that my swollen throat is as big as my thumb.. PUT YOUR THUMB ON MY LEFT THROAT IN THIS PICTURE..

isnt it big? i am not shitting you is big..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

chinese movies,malay movies,hindustan movies.

chinese movies.

1. costume diorang mcm maharaja masa kini...janggut laki mesti panjang sampai ke lutut.. pastu mesti diorang main main dgn janggut diorang... tak terpikir ker.. kalau maser diorang mandi janggut diorang tersekat celah kangkang... kan dah jadi spender janggut... kat kening diorang pun ader rambut panjang sampai kat leher.. diorang nie mmg nak buat spesies janggut alaf baru ker..

2. setiap 15 minit mesti ader pompuan masuk bagi minum teh.. asyik2 minum teh.. kalau teh lipton campur gula sedap la jugak.. teh diorang tawar.. bukan tawar jer kengkadang tengah minum tersangkut akar teh kat celah gigi..kalau tengok muker diorang macam garang lepas minum teh.. tuu nak kaver jer ..padahal gusi tengah berdarah tu

3. mmg dalam citer kungfu.. mesti ader adegan2 terbang sambil lawan... kengkadang diorang terbang siap lawan nak dekat 5 minit.. tak jatuh pulak... tapi biler nak pg istana diorang sampai nak mati jalan naik tangga mcm kat batu cave.. asal tak terbang jer.. director nie suker main dengan pemikiran penonton tau.kengkadang rase tertipu ouhh.. dah boleh terbang.. terbang jer lah. tak yah lah jalan.. tensyen aku tgk movie macam nie..

malay movie.

1. dalam bab emo.. mase suami isteri bergaduh... diorang cakap mesti tak pandang muke.. yang suami pandang tepat kat kamera.. yang isteri mesti duduk kat sofa belakang pastu pandang kat suami dier..cuber bayangkan kalau suami tengah marah marah.. tgk belakang isteri takder... tak ker malu...

2. kengkadang.. tukar channel tv.. pelakon samer jer.. tv1 rosyam nor tengah minum air, tv2 rosyam nor kat genting highland, tv3 rosyam nor tengah masuk dalam hutan.. tv 4 rosyam nor tengah makan kacang.. ( tv4 mane wujud...saje nak test)

3. dalam bab orang dah nak meninggal kat katil hospital..orang tu dah lah tenat.. pastu datang pulak anak dia tak dapat nak terima kenyataan terus serang katil bapak dier.. hentak hentak katil sampai nangis..mane lah tak mati bapak dier.. terus datang mengejut macam tu jer.. lepas tu biler dah meninggal tak nak pulak hentak katil tu.. ini baru betul anak tak gune...

lagi satu biler orang dah nak mati.. nafas diorang dah sampai tahap tak boleh nak nafas dah mmg tahap nak mengucap.. baru nak mengucap anak dier bagi minum air.. pastu tersedak.. terus mati.. tak sempat mengucap.. org dah nak mati mane boleh bagi minum air.. saper director nie!!!..

hindustans movie..

nie faveret aku nie..

1. perghh kalau nak tgk movie diorang.. selagi bontot tak lebam selagi tu tak sah.. movie diorang paling sekejap pun 3 jam.. kalah lord of the rings..

2. diorang setiap 1 5 minit.. kalau laki ckp i love you jer... terus start music.. pastu nari kat tanah padi.. mule mule tu takper lah.. ader dua orang jer nari... laki ngan pompuan.. sekali datang pulak sekumpulan mak cik mak cik bawak bakul nari sekali.. dah lah tak jemput.. main nari jer mak cik makcik nie..

3. biler diorang nari.. setiap 45 saat tak sampai seminit pun mesti tukar baju.. pastu.. lagi 45minit. tukar baju lagi.. pastu tukar lagi tukar lagi.. tak basah ker ketiak diorang main tukar tukar baju.. aku sehari tukar 2 kali jer.. diorang sejam 6 kali..

4. dalam citer hindustan.. mmg susah nak cari hero yang dah shave janggut.. sebab baru shave tunggu 5minit tumbuh lagi kan... pasal tu lah.. hero selalu tak hensem.. tapi heroine hot giler.. walaupun perut berlipat-lipat

5. bende paling lawak sekali.. biler diorang nak ckp englishh... meti campur campur dengan bahasa tamil skit.. contoh nyer " me bohoth thums biutipul hey" ( translation; you look soo beautiful today.. biutipul-beautiful)

6. badan diorang confirm mesti berminyak.. kawan aku ckp.. sebelum diorang berlakon..diorang buat pesta mandi minyak dulu.. baru dpt restu.. tapi diorang buat mcm nie sebab nak bagi nampak badan diorang lagi tough.. aku pun tak tau asal..

7. biler bab tumbuk menumbuk... tangan belum sampai perut " debush"dah dengar dah... pastu setiap kali tumbuk.. bende same dengar.. debush debush .. pastu kalau nak nampak pelakon tu kene pukul teruk.. biler kene tumbuk kat muke .. darah kuar lat mulut tersembur sembur.. tipu ah tu...tu air sirap jer. mane boleh darah tibe2 keluar banyak2.. tgk aku kene tipu lagi..

kepada yang membaca.. sorry.. kalau ader kater kater yang mengguris hati..bukan kalau.. mmg ader pun.. tapi ini semua kenyataan...


Monday, August 11, 2008

my lovely bro zaqir

one day, when i was form 2... i came back to skl from genting college.. i was same class with zaqir at that time.. last time zaqir was a bit chubby, the hair was a lil bit messy..he was the one hu always be there for me when i need him.. lend me his shoulder when im in tears.. calm me down when i m angry... help me solving my problems .. even my personal problem.. take care of me just like his lil sister ( but im older than him who gives a damn)..he is my most comfortable person to talk and hang with... eventhough he likes to kacau me.. and sumtimes make me angry.. but my angry-ness towards him does not last that long.. because i love him more than i am angry with him.. he is my only s'pore bro... i treat him like my real bro.. iloveuzaq

to zaqir: i made your intro sux because i 'actually' wanted to make one post and it is only about you..

your lil sis.. mw

Sunday, August 10, 2008

new religious friend from driving class.

today i went out with my new religious friend name A ( bukan nama sebenar ).. ahahah soo after 6 hours of theory and practical.. we went to mamak to have our evening meal..he is really really religious.

A: have you done your asar's prayers?

miya: errrr... cannot lah i am not allowed to do that for the rest of this week..

A: ouhh i understand.. u are having your period rite now is it?

miya: ( with weird face ) yeaaahhhh.. ok soo since you are so religious.. what is the most bad thing have u done in your life?

A: i am going to be religiously honest to you, i drank a glass of beer before because my friend dare me.. i was in the club that nite.. i regret what i have done.. and to beg for forgiveness from allah... i fast-ed 2 months everyday... after 'solat' i prayed to god till i cry..

miya: waaahh.... u must be really religious then... for your information, i never had a religious friend before.. omg!! that means you are my first religious friend... yeahh..hooray for that

A: its really not funny miya.. btw.. if you want to see me.. please wear long sleeve and jeans at least.. do not wear sleeveless and short like you are wearing rite now.. its sinful.. do not exposed your self to other people..

miya: what if i tell you that i have done things worst than u did..will u still going to call and text me?

A: well if you have done bad things in your past.. i will accept it with open heart..but i prefer not to know about a bad things u have done in your past .. i will be very happy if you tell me bout what a good things you have done in your past.. ( he smiled broadly and look at me in religious way meaning he looked at my face.. not below my face.. )

miya: welll.. let me think................errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............good thing.hmphhhhhh..... oohhh ya!!!! i prayed before..

A: what?!! u have to pray everyday... theres no excuse unless you have your period..

miya:but you said that you will be happy if i have done good things in my life..

A: meaning that you did not perform your duty as a good muslim...

miya: ouhh.. didnt know that you will be like this..

after he paid for the bills.. he sent me home.. he didnt text or call me ever since...

moral of the story: learn how to behave yourself with different people.. and try to change to be a better person..


Saturday, August 9, 2008

greatest bday ever!

today is my bday.. just an ordinary day as the other days.. u know like brushing your teeth, go to school and STUPIDLY participate in swimming event which i got last.... MY GoD!! what has got into my mind that made my head nodded twice when ive been asked to participate for swimming gala.. i disgraced my self in front of the other participants , parents , mr chew and en hanif when i dive like a handicap frog.. lying flat on the surface of the water, hit my tummy, and guess what happen next.. i lost my goggle in the swimming pool.. it was 50m breaststroke.. this is going to be my last swimming event for my life.. thats not all.. it was soo embarassing when i mistook ang su yiins towel and said that the towel is mine... i forgot how my towel look like.. luckily neina lend me her towel.. but finally i found my towel in my bag... THE TOWEL WAS IN MY FREAKIN BAG!!! where else could it be.. why am i being such a blondie today... so dumb and so unorganized...its like as if i went there to be seen as humor purpose... hmph well after that i went to subway with ismail... and guess what.. luck is on my side.. i got 20 free coupons and 2 free cookies.. the cashier said that i am a loyal customer.. of course i am... soo i was just seating with ismail. drink teh tarik and chit chat.. suddenly i saw this one guy.. holding a big present and heading towards me.. hahaha.. its my darling bf dylan.. he bought me this one really really huge teddy bear which i named choky.. so after all hugs and kisses.. i was already happy because i told him that without him by my side my burfday is nothing... it was so sweet of him... after few moment, suddenly,

dylan: errrrrr.... i need to go syg..

miya: go where.. stay here..tell me where are you going..

dylan: just for awhile... just wait here..

miya: tell me where are you going now?!!

dylan: errr i need to 'meet my bro' he needs cash..

miya: ouhh ok... why didnt you tell me earlier..

after he left.. ismail and i still chatting bout our personal life..

ismail: i actually want to tackle this gurl... but its very hard lah miya..

miya: ala chill lah ismail.. i know you can get her..

and suddenly i heard a group of people singing.. its a burfday song.. its getting louder and louder... when i turn around.. there were my friends.. suprise me with my favourite chocolate banana cake..and wished my hapy bday.. i was so happy.. and i did not even have an instinct that they will do that to me.. hahah they said that it was 5 minutes plan... actually they wanted to treat me lunch.. but when they heard that i was at subway that time.. they chip in money .. go to secret recipe and bought me my fav cake..

thank you guys.. i love you guys soo much.. didnt expect that u guys were willing to do that for me..

the 5 minutes plan... made my day... save me from tears....

me with my new teddy bear 'chocky!!!' thank you for the present baby.. i love you dylan..

Friday, August 8, 2008

niNa the rainbow gurl

nina if u happen to read this post.. you are one lucky gurl ...hahah btw ... you are very lucky today because your bday falls on 080808... this is what happen to me on your bday ..

at 12.45pm

miya: zakir nanti u pergi mane?

zakir: i pg fake suprise bday party nina lepas tu pukul 2 i pegi the real suprise bday party nina

miya: hahah apesal ade fake ngan real nie...

zakir: ade ah satu budak syria nie kantoi pg tanye nina biler bday party die...

miya: (dalam hati) aku mmg daripada dulu anti-penjajah... jkjk

miya: yer ker.. ishh i sikit lagi nak tanyer nina dlm msn pukul berape bday party dier esok kat parade ... but for safety reason i just asked her where is she going to celebrate her bday.. lepastu dier ckp dier nak pergi parade dengan aril.. only at that time i knew that there will be a suprise party for her today.

zaqir: so you are going to pick me up today rite..

miya: yeah my pak cik has to pick me up early today.. but ill come back lah..

zaqir: ok lah ok lah i will b in js.. we will go together keh...

miya: ok.. set.

in my pakciks car. at 1.07 pm

first of all, it only takes 15minutes from school to my house.. heres what happen in the car..

miya: pak cik miya kene balik cepat nie sebab nak pergi metro hari nie ader driving class lah tak boleh lambat nanti cikgu marah

pak cik: ohh yer ker.. ( my pakciks muke macam tak kisah langsung dengan masalah yang sedang dihadapi sekarang)

miya: yer lah pak cik.. boleh tak pak cik drive cepat skit...

pak cik: boleh boleh boleh .. takder hal

miya: yeahhh!!!!! ehhh pak cik asal stop kat subway..?( i knew he wanted me to buy cookies for him)

pakcik: ala miya macam tak tau jer... kalau miya nak pak cik drive cepat beli pakcik 2 cookies..

miya: ala pak cik... miya kene cepat lah...

pakcik: yer ah lagi cepat miya beli lagi cepat pak cik boleh hantar miya..

miya:( haishh hidup aku kene buli jer)

and you know what.. i reach home at 2.00 pm ... i was late already..arhh pak cik tipu !! i straight away go to my room. change my clothes and hit the road...

i reach subang parade at 2.32pm with zaqir,megat,lan,ali,and william.

i tot today is a feng hsui day because 080808... feng hsui aper.?!! banyak giler dugaan.. tapi takper.. semua nie utk nina... worth to sacrifice for..

sampai kat parade jer.. terus pergi tgif takut lambat.. and then luckily we were not late.. after celebrating ninas bday party.. we went to memory lane and bought her present.. all of us chip in..and i hope she will like the present we gave to her..

today ive been going through alot of obstacles just because i wanted to attend to your party, wished you happy bday and just to give u a hug.. but it all pay-off when i see you happy till you cry because all of your friends including us were there for you...

soo nina... happy bday to you once again.. hope you will achieve all your dreams..

love ya!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

taste of your own medicine

i cant believe it, i cant believe that ismail was right ... he said that if u insult sumone to much.. u will taste of your own medicine later on... it happened during break today..

miya: im going to get my self enroll in one of uni of medic in iasi, which is somewhere in romania.but the problem is, i do not think i could get the scholarship.maybe ill get 'd loan but i dont want to work here to pay the debt. penat lah.. there are so many protocols

aril: ouhh protocol.... senang jer minum jer lah alcohol.. <------ wtf!

hazman,miya and megat : ooooooooookkkkk.. whatever pleases you...

aril: ala.... if you dont have money... u can still sell other 'things' ..

zaqir came by out of nowhere... and sat beside aril.. and on the spot he insulted me..

zaqir: hahah be a pornstar.. change your name from miya to maya.. or maybe you could even create your own pornstar nickname like maya butterfly..hahah... and then for your description put your full name miya wong.. and also say that you are half chinese half malay. we will all be like daaaaaaaannnnnng! its miya dude .. its miya.. ( metrosexual guys usually say things like this because maybe they dont get enough of that fucking porn. so they taught that it will be cool to bring it as hot topic to talk about)


aril: yeah dang!!! i ll be like " i love this miss wong bitch, i love this miss wong bitch"

zaqir: plus you can also say that you are asian... hahaha...

aril: perghh.. orang romania dengar asian mesti nak..asian siot... puki ketat doh!!! .. <------ this is normal.

ismail: aper yang ketat-ketat nie( spesies berbulu mmg selalu mcm nie..dont worry hes harmless but very bulu-ful)

miya: fuck sial korang..aku kene bahan siot.. dah ah weyh..

hazmi: weyhh korang ckp pasal aper nie?

miya: diorang tgh ckp pasal aku jd pornstar biler takder duit kat romania nanti...

hazmi: woooahh serious ahh!!!

aril: mmg aku ngan zaqir akan pergi romania lah kan...

hazmi: itu ah... we could ' help' her to pay her college fees..hahahahah.. miya kan nak jadi surgeon...

miya: fuck you guys la.. im going back to my class..

the whole table was shaking like earthquake because they were laughing their ass off AT me....

but whatever it is.. eventhough they humiliate me like shit.. threw everything in my face.. insulted me.. they are still my friends.. well in skl.. friend who does not insult their friend is not their friend...

but honestly guys, it HURT guys... it FUCKING HURT me i know how it feels...

the end


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

THE saturday

i have been waiting for this day,
hoping for a miracle,
hoping for a new resolution,
praying for a better life,
but alas, wherever,
my hopes are high,
something will crush them,
so every year,
i cry all night long,
when the clock strikes midnight,
when this day has come,
the most miserable day of my life,
cause it has been this way,

Monday, August 4, 2008

how i get insulted by having too many ex (2)

this is quite similar to the first one but the previous one only consist of 2 santa claus... now they bring another santa claus ... but this new santa claus is the king of both of the previous santa clauses... this is what happen during break today

azim : once u open all miya's ex folder. the hard drive will burst and the computer will burn because it cant withstand the megabyte use to store all her exs bfs name ..

hazman: even if u can open her folder u will have to wait for the "loading bar" to finish loading.. if u are unfortunate, when the loading bar reaches 99% after 5 hours and only needs another 1 % to open her folder the computer will hang and eventually shut down.

miya: haha u guys really think its funny huh.. its not funny anymore guys..seriously

hazmi : oh my god what if she is immortal.. i dunno how many guys will she 'fcuk'. from the stone age to ice age to steel age to modern age to millenium to 'not have been proven age' . she would have f*ck the cave men too or the dinasour..(at this time u know hazmi went over the limit)

miya: hazmi u fkin virgin bastard.. ( this goes with big smack on his back)

hazmi: arghh shit that hurt like shit.. fine i got to another table.

azim: hahah that was nice one hazmi... (he was laughin like laughing buddha rite now)

miya: asal azim ko pun nak aku tampar ko ker...? u do not want me to crash your life rite now.. i know hu you like.. u want me to tell her that,..( this is the top secret between me and azim and to whoever who knows bout it)

azim: ok ok im sorry i wont do it again... ok ok im sorry..

miya: nope im going to tell her.. like rite now..

azim: miya please.. aku janji aku tak buat

hazman: azim ko kene belanja dier subway baru dier tak kacau

azim: ok aku belanja ko subway tapi jangan bagitau dier.

miya: deal!!!

hazman: keep doing it miya.. next thing u see.. u will get subway everyday for free..

miya and hazman: hahahah takut azim..

i am very innocent

i am very innocent