Thursday, September 25, 2008

trial is OVER!!!

after 2 cups of kapal api every night, burning the midnight oil, sleep for only 4 hours a day, study till nervous breakdown, now it is finally over... the trial.!!! arghh.. i feel so relieved.. because of trial i dun have a time to pluck my eyebrow , shave my leg , dancing a around like retard kid and update mw supreme, as u all know, we are going to raya in a few days.. weee.!! cant wait for ketupat,long tong, rendang ayam, lemang,dodol, any food that only available during hari raya season.. i dun really mind about the duit raya.. i just love to eat.. and even if i have hundreds of duit raya.. ill spend it on food.. just on food.. not for shopping...i am a girl hu eats alot and have high metabolism rate.. because i will take a big crap 1hour after dinner... or any food.. i love my body.. it can withstand high amount of food.. haha..i will be going to penang during this raya season.. ill go to the place where it is most populated by mosquito.. nak jalan mane mane kene bawak ridsect goodnite.. jumper nyamuk jer spray..i am really allergic to nyamuk.. and nyamuk loves me soo much.. there was one time .. i wore a very thick and long pants...seriously.. i was in the car and the nyamuk bit me on my is the only species that goes into my pants without my freaking permission.. i hate them.. tak sekolah punye nyamuk!!! nasib baik life span ko pendek.. maybe they think that they could get a lot of food source from my blood.. since i eat alot.. dah ah malas nak pikir aper nyamuk pikir.. mesti nyamuk ade buat advertisement pasal aku..

nyamuk A : hey.. my other stupid insect of the same spesies with me wassap?!!
nyamuk B: ouhh..its not going well dude.. i think im dying because i do not suck any human blood recently
nyamuk A: holy shit dude!! no way im going to let u die.. dun be such a mosqsy( a term of pussy in nyamuks language)
nyamuk B: i dunno. i cant track any human being recently.. how do you gain so much weight till u cant fly?
nyamuk A: hah?!! thats why.. ive been spending the rest of my life sucking miya's blood..
nyamuk B: OMFG!!! by only sucking miyas blood u can gain so much nutrients and fats?
nyamuk A: yerp..thats why im healthy and strong ..
nyamuk B: wow.. now i know how to stay healthy and strong like youl
nyamuk A&B : sucks miyas blood,its good its fresh it has all u miyas blood now..

soo.. whenever u see nyamuk.. they are neither kind nor clever... they are a population that i put below an illegal imigran seeps into our country..

tengok.. daripada sedap sedap cerita pasal raya jadi cerita pasal nyamuk pulak.. nyamuk mmg ruin my post ouhh.. arghh.. dah sedap dah citer pasal rendang ngan lemang.. skang da takde idea nak cakap pasal ape.

picture of the day

me with my favourite cute cousin.. icha

mula2 study ...cehhh mcm ok jer.. semangat nak study

dah nak habis study.. mata mmg dah pecah dah

yeay sekarang trial dah habis..mate dah tak bengkak..weee!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

my 'too much of cartoon' sister

this is my sister...her name is diena wong... did i mention she is 5 years older than me? this picture or outside of the picture.. she looks like 15 years old japenese girl who likes to watch anime untill she became one of the anime character... she has no cornea because the iris seem to cover whole of her eyeball when shes smile too 'animely' ..refer to the picture above.. observe carefully..her eyes were not close when this picture was taken..this is like optical illusion..she is actually staring at you..

she is cartoon freak... she watches cartoon 55% of her time... her favourite channels are nickelodean, cartoon network, disney channel and sumtimes ceria ' this is when our nieces are around because they want to watch tom tom bak'. from watching cartoon to making cartoon... she designed her own cartoon and create her own cartoon game.. her sketch of character will be beyond your imagination.. these are her sketches i stole from her hardisk... u will enter her world at this second..

observe the lil girl.. as you can see, she has a mango head.. this is how cartoonish my sister is...
keep observing..

i bet she drew this when shes hungry..

i cant even intepret this picture.. i dunno what has got into my sister head till she can drew this undiscovered character.. it looks like a female alien that has a tongue of frog ,wears nighties and placed an ultraman mask at the back of her head..

this is a mushroom house where the roof wears a g-string...

the fish was trying to eat the half-boiled egg eventhough u cant find such things in the sea..
the babies.. the left one was truly innocent... the right one is shin-chan wanna be..
and the 8 shape bottle looks like my bottle when i was 4 years ole..
the cow looks like it has a face of a cow and a body of man who wears 'ihram'.. it doesnt have leg.. cool isnt it!!
and the image beside the cow looks like an amoeba..

i bet none of your sis has a brain like my sis.. because her imagination is very high and its way beyond a normal person imagination of cartoon land.. she has a thousand of sketches that u will achieve migraine just by looking at it.. u could find the character that u never seen in cartoon channel or in your own imagination in her sketches.. she had once drew a girl that has body of watermelon, a group of alien listening to ipod, a stoning mushroom..

now shes studying in MMU.. she has been admired by a lot of people because of her sketch.. not many could do drawings like my sis does.. she is one of a kind.. and i really proud to be her sister.. * standing like statue of liberty with wide smile*... i love her soo much.. and our sister-bond is really really strong..

picture of the day... i just took it just now when i was at ac.. the picture was taken after school .. after the sufferings of doing sejarah paper 2...

Friday, September 12, 2008

my driving test.

i was so nervous to attend for my driving test, they said that d jpj are very garang and strict.. and that day was the last day of driving test until next hari raya.. so its like my only chance to pass for my driving test.. if i failed i have to wait for another 4 weeks to repeat the same shit. soo as i was typing<----- lame.. , i woke up at 7.30 am.. and took my bath.. breakfast.. tak tak aku pose.. :) and went to metro.. i took my test card.. and went to jpj room.. my number was 56k.. after i have registered my number.. i sat down and wait for my turn.. i just lay my ass on the chair and my teacher called my number..

instructor : siapa 56K ?
me: saye encik..
instructor: ok get ready untuk test..

i was so nervous this time.. i read every doa i could remember... even doa makan.. and then i saw the guy.. the guy who will determined my future with my car on hari raya jalan pg rumah kawan mintak duit raya..he looks very strict, he wears shade like the men in black, with his tidy police-like uniform and he hold my test card.. i could feel my rectum was contracting vigorously trying to excrete the faeces due to the excessive amount of adrenaline.

jpj: ok awak boleh masuk dalam kereta

me: hmm.. ssssssaaya lettak begg japp ( sumpah gagap skit)

jpj: ok jalan jer terus tak payah check aksesori..

me: betul tak yah nie cik.

jpj: betul tak yah( i kinda doubt him at first because he could say that and then
he could simply fail me)

me: oook.. ( jpj nie tak nak bagi aku jalan ker) encik, nie nak pegi jalan maner nie?

jpj: jalan maner kamu nak? ( omg! once that sentence came out from his mouth.. i knew he is the type that 'as long as you can drive you can pass..' )

me: jalan 3 ( the shortest and the easiest)

jpj:ok .. awak nie half chinese ehh

me: ( with proud ) tak lah saya 3 suku cina..

jpj: ehh asal plak 3 suku cina?

me: sebab bapak saya pure cina , mak saya half cina.. so jadi 3 suku cina lah.. hahahha ( aku gelak sorang2)

jpj: hmmm..jap eyh saye nak angkat call.. herloo.. hmphh asslamuailaikum.. yer yer.. daging 3 cincang.. yer yer... ehh adik masuk gear 2.. yer yer.. jangan lupe 3 cincang daging..aku dah order awal2..

me: (giler cool jpj nie..) smiling broadly..

soo i pass the jalanraya.. and then we went to metro back and getting ready for my bukit,parking,3 point turn test.

and i pass that part.. so in conclusion, i pass my driving test..

soo i went home.. and told my family.. they were so happy because now i have lessen their burden to send me to school or to pick me up from school.. i can go anywhere by my self.. and be safe.. thats the important thing.. i m no longer an illegal driver.. i cant wait to drive during hari raya.. yeayyy!!!


next post: my 'too much of cartoon' sister..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the too friendly mamak waiter at nandos

last sunday, i went to nandos in pyramid to break fast with my sistah and my papa.. soo once i stepped into the restaurant..there he appear.. the truly black mamak... he is very friendly.. he even get us a table eventhough it was actually full and reserved for sum1 else if im not when we were trying to figure out what to order..

mamak: hmphh order cepat sikit kang tak dapat makanan plak.. melangut tengok org bukak pose

kakak: ehhh!! mcmnie ker layan customer.. what happen to the customer

mamak: baiklah (in pondan-ish way) .. cik, cik mahu makan aper.. ? ( this goes with a broad sarcastic(i know what is the meaning of that word oredi ok!!) smile on his face)

kakak: bagi roti satu

mamak: ingat nie kedai mamak ker.. ane bagi teh tarik satu ( dier tgh bengang skit kot maser nie)

kakak: lol, sorry.. bagi 1/4 chicken and 2 sidelines.

mamak: ok .. ade ape ape lagi tak nak order.. nie puasa ker tak nie.. mcm tak jer..

kakak: tak takde aper aper lagi.. orang puasa lah..

miya: bagi air kosong satu.

mamak: dah bape kali aku ckp . nie bukan kedai mamak.. air mineral jer ader

miya: oklah bagi air mineral

so when he served us the mineral water.. all of a sudden a thought of not to drink that water crossed my mind

miya: abang.. boleh delete tak mineral nie..rase mcm tak nak minum dah lah

mamak: ( with bengang face ) ko ingat aku nie komputer boleh delete2.. boleh boleh boleh.. kejap ehh

2 minutes later

mamak: hmph ader aper aper tak nak "delete" lagi..

miya:takper lah bang. takde dah .. abg jgn marah.. takut sayer

he went off.

soo when the break fast time has announced.. we buka puasa with kurma.. and with this new ramadhan menu from nandos.. it is called ' chips in peri sauce' omg.. its better than S**. the taste was so superb delicious...

i usually like my peri corn with peri powder.. soo i asked the mamak to give me some extra peri powder..

miya: abang nak peri powder bang..

mamak: nah.. ( he gave me one full plate of peri powder.. i can even made a love shape on it.. )

miya: nie mcm marah jer bang..

mamak: MANEDE MARAH............

see he gave me damn alot of peri powder.. hehhe .. i manage to finish half of the peri powder and made a love shape at the center of the peri powder...creative am i?

nyum nyumm.. dah habish!!.. sedap.. banyak pulak chips dier bagi.

pastu.. esok macam biaser.. ahh.. bangun sahur.. nie mmg muke seposen aku mase pukul 5.15am.. when my dad called me 6times to wake me up..hidung berminyak lagi..hahah.. kalau hidung aku dah berminyak mcmnie..hidung ismail macamaner pulak.. hahaah... jk AJ.. i <3 u.

p/s: i am really nervous to go for my driving test tomooro..

next post: my driving test.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

the holy-est day of my life

last friday, we were getting ready to go and break fast at school... organised by ustad,,, soo firstly, i went to ismails house and waited for was 5.30pm.. bajek bajek sempat lah sebab nak tunggu anak sidek nie kan.. soo by the time shaz came to ismail house.. it was already 6.15pm... soo we were still bajek bajek sempat sampai skolah on time.. this is what we do to kill time. we took picture because that was the only day i wore a proper baju kurung yang selalu di pakai oleh kak long2 yang belajar di uitm..

first picture adalah sukses... muke shaz.. macam bajek2 comel lah mcm mamat jepun pun ader...ismail mcm hero playboy hindustan tetapi mereka berdua adalah jantung hati ku..

i edited this picture because it looks ok than the ori one because this picture ,me, shaz and ismail we were actually tried to stop laughing and tried to be serious and take picture.. hmphh.. PALING lah serious.. tgk gambar kat bawah nie..

aku dengan ismail dah kontrol senyum dah kat camera.. bajet bajet nak buat gambar tiga sekawan.. shaz TERBEK dohh...

sooo.. after we have posing2 ambik gambar ( my england very good one ) .. it was already 6.30... it was late already.. we still bajet2 that we can make it on time.. hmphh.. on time ape?!!! we faced havoc traffic jam.. macam semua org kat shah alam nak pergi skolah aku bukak pose sekali... we were quite late.. sampai2 jer semua org dah start bace doa.. with involuntary action, all of sudden both of our hands raised and doa together with them.. while walking towards the canteen where everybody were staring at us... after doa.. we ate a bit because after that we were going to do maghrib prayers..

for shaz, eat a bit means ' 1 mangkok of bubur lambok, 3 cups of sirap , 2 bowls of baso(makanan popular ustad) ' aku rase ade jin gemok dalam badan die. shaz is one guy that never says kenyang.. nie mcm makan tak bace bismillah jer------- gambar chalid sebagai hiasan sahaja..

sooo... this is the telekung that i wore during that night.. hehe.. ader bunge2 lagi.. but.. i really did pray and do sembahyang hajat.. pray for god forgiveness, pray that my parents will always be healthy and nothing bad will happen to them and to lipat gandakan their rezeki, pray that all my friends will do well in spm.. kang kalau bagitau lebih2 tak termakbul doa.. sooo... i had a really good holy time with my friends.. and that single night mademe realize to try to be a better person in future.

allah mengasihi semua umat nya..

selamat berpose..

next post: the too friendly mamak waiter at nandos.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dont mess with my bro!!

today.. in the morning i was coughing blood due to my tonsils.. but i still went to school because i do not want to miss add maths.. after add maths.. i phoned my brother to pick me up to go to clinic.. we went to clinic and pay for the med bill.. when i was in the car with my brother.. my brother's annoying admirer called him.. she always taught that my bro likes her.. but my bro doesnt.. this is what she got from my brother for being to annoying.. *the conversation was in bm(shah alam accent)*

admirer: hey awak dengan saper tu?!! dgn pompuan lain eh ( look how annoying she is.. she is not even my bro gf)

my bro: asal tibe2 timbul masalah..takder masalah jangan lah bagi ada
masalah... (my bro was really annoyed this time)

admirer: tadi saye dengar sore pompuan mase awak angkat fon.

my bro: tu adik saye lah awak.. adik saye tgh sakit tekak berdarah tau tak ..

admirer: awak jangan nak tipu.. saye tau lah tu bukan suara adik awak.. ( this has already burn my brother.. my brothers face was so red)

my great bro: awak nie apehal?!!! saye ambik adik saye sebab dier sakit.. takkan saye nak bagi dier sakit. awak nie gila eyhh.. sebab awak boring awak saje nak timbulkan masalah kan.. saje sebab takde hiburan la
in kan.. yer lah ikut perangai anak sakai.. puak sakai kan takde hiburan.. duduk dalam hutan... duduk diam2 lepas tu sentap rambut kakak dier.. itulah dunia hiburan diorang kan..

admirer: saye cume tanyer jer..jangan lah marah2..

my bro: itu bukan tanye awak... itu nak bagi saye sakit kepala tengah panas.. awak mmg takde keje kan..saje je bagi orang sakit hati.. ape kater awak gigit tisu duduk kat penjuru bilik lepas tu lambai kat polis kalau awak takde keje sangat.. jangan kacau saye..

and he off the fon..

the admire taught that she could mess with my bro.. but at the end... my bro told evrything in her face.. thats the result for being too annoying..

selamat berpose*

2/9/08-was taken when i was in clinic.. dr tu lambat... :(

i am very innocent

i am very innocent