Friday, November 20, 2009

the not so ugly truth

girl and boy a couple like,
walking together side by side,
looking at each other and smile,
feeling the love they long hide.

rise from bed to see the sun,
look out the window and see kids run,
just wonder how they have fun,
where some parts of the world are playing gun.

people say think out of the box,
to use your mind not act like a fox,
to be brave not an ox,
with bare hands he eats the lox.

houses decorated with chasing light,
light of full colors brighten the night,
even it hurts for some people sight,
who cares we want to make the night right.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

pemergian ku

under the moon,
the light shone on my face,
thinking that ill be gone soon,
leaving the life that i disgrace.

it is hard to leave this town,
where neighbors greet you everyday,
even when they know you are down,
mouth shut nothing to say.

i step out every night,
leaving my home to go to yours,
hoping that we wouldn't fight,
just like a breaking shores.

leaving for good,
leaving them all,
even in the sad mood,
i will still stand tall.

Friday, October 30, 2009

the good 'deed 'night with a black woman ( org negro la )

Last nite, I was so tired suffering from pain on my tonsils.. the freaking tonsils need to go away.. i have to cut it off one day.. and soo.. after i got back from my bfs work place in kemuning.. i drove slowly into the parking zone for the visitor.. it was at 12 am, this is really really unexpected moment that i will never forget.. and i never seen that side of me doing it as well.. as i drove, i look into the front mirror, and guess what i see, a very very very very very very very tall and fat black women running towards my car, i was so panic that maybe she might want to use her black magic to hypnotize me and rob me or the most easy way is too jump on my body let me pass out and rob me because shes big and im very very small.. for the first time in my life i feel so small because im known for my "big" features u know what i mean?.. no u dont, i mean my face shape is like a plasma tv, my lips are big and my feet are size 9, this black woman, her lips are so big so so big,, that it might overlap with her nose, she has a really really huge breast and bump, her hair style was like an eletric shock style, i dunno how to describe it, its like as if she just got electrocuted, lets go back to my story, and so when i saw shes running towards my car, i kept driving till i found an empty parking space, im scared to get down from the car since i have already imagining a bad things that might happen once my feet touch the ground, i brace myself and try to walk as fast as i could, i actually ran towards the stairs to my condo, she shouted " Wait! Wait! i need help" and i was thinking that shes trying to trick me, at first she could beg for help the next thing u know she might be pimping around my big volvo car with all her ghetto friends, yes i do have thing with this black community, they are foreigner, i dun really trust them, and then she shouted again " do you have a charger? " i was like, "What on earth u need a charger for, thats the weirdest thing i ever heard from a stranger like you". so the conversation goes like this

black woman: My phone has flat battery, i need to charge it to call my bf

Mw: well u can use my phone to call ur bf,

black woman: i cant recall his number.

Mw: well do you have his number in ur sim card?

black woman: I dun have his number in my sim card?

Mw: u dun save ur bfs number?

black woman: i save it in my phone not in my card.

Mw: im sorry im using samsung and not nokia.

and then out of nowhere this is the most weird moment i ever had, she took out a car phone charger, i mean has she been practicing carry around a car phone charger without having a car,

black woman: can i use ur car?

Mw: i dun think that might be a very good idea

Black woman: Please! please! this is disgraceful, im waiting for 3 hours for my bf, he is at his house on 3rd floor, my bat running low, i cant even call him, i dunno his number

Mw: what?!! why cant u just knock his door..? why are u waiting when u can just go up there and ring the bell

black woman: I dont want to see what i about to see

Mw: i dunt get it, im really sorry can u explain what u mean by that,

black woman: we are not living together, im staying at damansara my friend drove me here, he is staying here and he might have other gurl up there

Mw: OMG! im really sorry, then why are u still here? when u know that he is with other gurl?

Black woman: im having an open relationship with him.

Mw: so ull be with other guy as well when he is not with you

Black woman: no, but i let him be with other gurl

Mw: oooooooookkk.. just pass me the car charger, ill get ur phone charged u can call him so he can fetch u here.. ok?

black woman: thank you very much, omg luckily there are someone like you that actually wants to help me, other people just drove off and ran away from me.. u really have a good heart dear..

Mw: thanks and no problem.

i feel like im doing a good deed for the rest of the year, i felt happy for helping her despite her relationship problem, but what im trying to say here, foreigners are not all bad, they are here independently, when they ask for help, try to use your instinct that they really need help and not to trick us, last nite i wanted to go off without helping her, all of a sudden i stop walking and walk towards her as i know that if i help her now, one day some other ppl will help me if im at her situation.. it wont harm u for helping, make ppl happy, and u will be happy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kenape Cina, Melayu dan India kulit semua lain?

Cina putih bukan sebab dier suke sembam muke dalam tepung

india hitam bukan sebab dier suke main dgn rempah

melayu coklat bukan sebab dier suker bergaul dgn cina dan india pade mase yang same

cerita yang sebenarnyer ialah, kulit mereka telah dihasilkan oleh air tempayan istimewa yang memboleh kan mereka bertukar warne kulit.

pada mase dahulu, cina india melayu semua ader warne kulit yang same gelap dan betul betul gelap.. terlalu gelap sgt sehingga tidak dapat membezakan siapakah yang cina india atau melayu... jadi pade satu hari ketua penghulu memanggil semua penduduk kampung yang berbilang kaum itu datang berhimpun di halaman rumah nya..

tok penghulu nie dier bomoh terkenal kat kampung itu.. jadi dier menghasilkan air tempayan yang dapat mengubah warne kulit penduduk nyer mengikut kaum masing2..

di perhimpunan rumah tok penghulu....

Raju: tok! apa buat saya mari sini.. saya kena tinggal dal yang tengah masak kat rumah tu.. apa yang penting sangat nie.. ayoyo..

Ah kit: dia mau tukar kita punya skin kaler..

Ahmad: asal pulak nak tukar? ok aper skin kaler kite semua sama jer kan.. baru one malaysia ( One malaysia pun dah ditubuhkan pada zaman dahulu sebenarnye)

Tok penghulu: Shaddup you allz! aku nie dah pening nak kene membezakan sape cina india dan melayu.., baik aku tukar jer kaler kulit korang ni..jadi sekarang kite kene ambik undian sape yang akan mandi air tempayan nie dulu

selepas undian telah dibuat.. didapati org cina yang akan mandi dahulu diikuti org melayu dan org india yang last sekali mandi.. jadi, org cina tu pun mandi lah dulu.. org cina kan suke mandi tak ingat dunia kengkadang, jadi dier mandi sampai tinggal setengah air tempayan tu, biler dia dah habis mandi..

Raju: weyhh ah kit.. putih nyer engkau.. kalah putihnya baju aku yang aku basuh dgn sabun breeze

ahmad: dah sekarang turn aku pulak nak mandi..

Ahmad pun mandi lah sambil bersiul-siul menyanyi lagu kegemaran dier.. tibe2 dier mandi sampai air tu tinggal skit sangat.. agak2 dalam satu cawan air jer..

Ahmad: Alamak raju, aku mintak maaf sgt, aku terlupa kau kene mandi lepas nie.. aku pun dapat mandi air sikit jer.. kulit aku pun tak seputih ah kit.

Raju tengok ahmad.. dengan senyuman yang sgt ikhlas dan tiada langsung perasaan marah.. lalu mengatakan

Raju: tarak problem la ahmad.. jangan risau.. di rumah saya sudah mandi.. sudah wangi.. saya basuh tapak tangan dengan tapak kaki sahaja lah..

jadi raju punyer tapak tangan dengan tapak kaki je lah yang putih...

terjadilah kaum cina india dan melayu..

p/s: Kalau india tu tak yah mandi pun takper kan.. hehehe

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

everything is temporary.

when i was a baby, i used to have a tyre shape of milk bottle that my mummy bought for me. it was in light yellow color and it used to be everything for me . i cried over it, slept with it and woke up with my arm still holding on to my milk bottle. when i was 6 years old, i have no longer interested in keeping the bottle that used to be the most important thing in my life. at that time the bottle seems to be nothing for me but trouble because my kindergarten friend kept teasing on me because i kept bringing that bottle to class every morning. the first time i left my bottle at home to go to class, i cried and hoping that mummy would not drag me into the car to go to class..i kept guessing why do i have to leave the bottle, why cant i grew up with it. over time, its weird when i think back of the past, when i think back where the bottle is now, because i feel that it has no sentimental value to me anymore. When i step into my teenagers phase, i started to play a game of what people called it as 'LOVE', from there i receive a gift from my ex, it was a hug-able adorable teddy bear in which i named it as 'crunchy', i slept and hug it every night when i sleep,i even brought him along when im travelling with my parents,when i cried , i cried on crunchy, my tears rolling down on crunchy's shoulder,because at that time i had no one else to talk to. or i much more prefer to talk to my self or crunchy. when i broke up with my ex, crunchy means nothing to me , now when im 18 years, i have fallen in love again with new guy, it turns out great, but somehow, recently, we had a lot of argument, like a normal couple, like the rest of them, last night, it was a huge argument in which i think that things might not work out between me and him, it seems like everything in this world is not permanent, not even love, " immortal love " quote from Shakespeare. i think its bullshit!. love is just a game that u want to play when u start to get interested into it and will no longer feel like to play when u start to lose..

i am very innocent

i am very innocent