Monday, October 27, 2008

nak update blog tapi malas




dan malas

bye im doing my chemistry.. hahahaha gelak kat lawak sendiri..

i am so pissed today because i didnt get any call from people.. i did get one call.. but i was driving that time. and my mum was like paranoid if i took the call and she will be like " miya baru dapat lesen cube jadi pemandu berhemah sikit ". soo to avoid that sentence i dont pick up ppl call when im driving.. arghh.. im so bored.. msn buat hal lah... dah dapat masuk pastu tetibe dier ckp . " your connection has failed " maner ko tau dah fail.. huh.. sakit hati tul.. boring giler.. nak makan subway!!!!.. ohh yeah.. btw i got new story...

yesterday's yesterday.. i was given a duty to pick up my mum from subang airport at 6 pm.. my sister ask me to pick her up because she coudnt make it.. i was at shah alams starbucks to do my studies.. and then all of sudden my teacher called to pick my pafa certificate.. it was at 6 pm.. i was so late.. i got zillion angry godzilla hulk ultraman call from my sister and my mum.. i was so tensed... in a great bulky volvo car.. i could drive only 15 minutes from subang to subang airport... but all of a sudden..theres a pemandu cacat infront of me ( im not trying to be mean but i was tensed ) soo i cant control his driving im stuck behind him for about half an hour.. pastu biler dah sampai kene marahl.. sampai nangis..

the moral of the story is to not drive behind the pemandu cacat


Saturday, October 18, 2008

graduation day

before graduation day:

- every morning i will go to mcd and have my breakfast

- every morning i will have to write down the word of the day

- every morning i will have my coffee in class

- every day at random time i will slap azim's back

- every break time i will eat with ismail,shaz,naim,hasnul,naj,sha,ddy,yimin,hazmi,azim,hazman,zieman,leonard,naj etc

- every period i will go to toilet.. ( sumpah aku tak tau asal )

- every lunch all of us wil gossip and make fun to one another..

- when school ends all of us will meet at guard house.. and say goodbye..

on graduation day:

the day that all of us will cry..

the day where all of us reveal our true colors..

the day where we will remember the bonding of friendship..

the day we realize the kindness of the educators..

the day we end our schooling program..

the day we wish to come again..

after graduation day:

things that i will miss the most:

no more mcd breakfast and coffee

no more LAWAD ( learn a word a day )

no more assembly

no more break time with friends

no more fooling a around with friends

no more laughing with the whole class

no more gossiping about what happen at school

no more hugging friends everyday

no more going to the toilet to check my hair

no more kacau-ing cikgu

no more slapping azim ( this is the bonding of our friendship )

no more flirting with hazmi

no more eating snacks in front of teacher

no more playing games in class ( mafia and taboo )

no more playing truant

no more getting candy from ej

no more DANCING

no more SINGING


arghh.. this whole post just going to make me cry...

im going to miss all the good and bad moments i had in sri kl.. with all my friends and teachers..

we went all ups and downs together..

im gonna miss you all...

take care.. i love you...


performing with anisha j anne amy tee andre sean and william chua

my class teacher that i will miss the most.. pn devaleela

kawan saye wey jian

cousin dier.. mandy

my pretty friend.. ddy

shaz and naim... kawan yang aku takkan lupa sampai mati

when receiving folder


AJ, ha yi min, beloved mr chew teck ann, and mw

anisha and me

my toy boy hazmi and me ( hazmi is soo hot!!!!)

my bestfriend and secret box... mohd azim che mokhtar.

Monday, October 6, 2008

unbreakable friendship

- three of us may have ups and downs

- three of us may feel guilty

- three of us could do the right thing

- three of us could choose the best options

- three of us may not forget each other

- three of us have a special thing

- three of us have each others back

- three of us must not leave one another

- three of us must not ignore one another

- three of us may stay forever three bestfriends

- theres no me and him only.. but theres only three of us.. forever and ever trio..

selamat hari raya!!

i got alot of duit raya on the first day of raya, all my uncles and aunts gave duit raya to me.. but it was very hard to woke up in the morning because i slept for only 3 hours since i got back from klang too buy baju raya at 4 am.. but it was a really special day for me..soo heres the pica..enjoy

duit raya!!!!
from left: both of my niece ana and ilin followed by my cousin the chubby one amylia..
all my guy cousin except for the guy hu wears jeans with red baju melayu.. believe it or not.. he is my uncle.. and he is 17... my step uncle.. hahah
this pix is taken according to their age.. the eldest will be my uncle hu wears light blue baju raya and the youngest will be my aunt hu wears green baju mum is right beside my uncle hu wears the light blue baju melayu..
this is with their wife and husband respectively...

soo thats it..actually i took a lot of picture.. but .. i better keep it to myself.. hahaha.. soo selamat hari raya!!!

i am very innocent

i am very innocent