Thursday, November 27, 2008

SPM over!!!( freedom is boredom)

arghh... spm dah habis... i feel relieved and quite happy because i dun have to go through the same phase where everyday i have to crammed my head staring at those text books.. hahaha... but deep in my heart i kinda feel sad because my high school life has come to an end.. theres no more waking up early in the morning .. having weekdays breakfast special at mcdonald and laughing at the waiter who just look like my friend.. hahaha..well im gonna miss those days where all my friend sat down and call names to one another.. playing around with fathers name.. make fun of someones mole..make fun of the power that my friend has... make fun of someone hairy.. im gonna miss those days.. i really love all of them because after all the insult they still keep their head and control macho.. now.. i dunno what to do after spm.. when i ask my friend what are they going to do after spm .. what i got is. " aku nak lepak weyh spm baru habis dohh kepala aku dah nak dekat same ngan kepala bapak aku yang botak tu sebab byk sangat study" or " i was thinking to apply for any job for time being because it could benefit my free time" or from girls " yeeha we are going to party all night long and we can have girls night /day/evening out wooohoo!!" or " lepas spm? aku jadi sampah masyarakat jap " haishh.. from all the reply i got from my friend none of them even captured my interest or give me any idea to do after spm... i told my mum that i want to apply a job to work as a tutor for maths to upper secondary stud at this tuition centre.. but it was a failure because they want a tutor who can work with them for a long term.. i have reached the limit where i m so fed up of not knowing what the hell shoud i do and soo i told my mum " mami nak bedah orang lepas spm" and my mum is not suprised she said ok and surrender her mother to me... hahaha.. tu lah org ckp syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu.. takde kene mengena kan? aku tau.. tengah gile jap sebab tak tau aper nak buat.. maybe i should just relax and go somewhere to get my head off this thing.. to people out there do not waste time hanging around.. because one day u will regret of not make a benefit things out of your free time.. hahahah aku pun same.. well now im looking forward for prom!!! weeee!!! party party.. i never been to prom and this is my first and last prom.. i think it will be da bomb.. !!!! im not kuno or nerd ( sikit jer la tak... ok lah fine banyak) or some outcast hu didnt go out and have their social life.. hahaha i just happened to get stucked with my books.. haishh .. such a sad ending.. laalallalal.. freedom is boredom

my mum and i

Sunday, November 9, 2008


i posted this post the day before spm started...

after 3 weeks.. ill be free from stress and tension..

now i do have butterfly in my stomach.. and it doesn't feel like butterfly at all it is bigger it feels like a horse racing with one another in " padang pasir yang gersang " it sounds nice in bm.. but if i convert it to English exactly how each word means it would be " field of horny sand " hahaha.. well i am really really nervous.. when im nervous ill get sickness such ah sore throat.. sore throat just cant go away from voice is exactly like " bapak doraemon " now.. tomorrow sharp at 6.00 am i have to wake up take a bath.. wear a contact lens ( tak penting pun ). wear my baju kurung... and stand in front of the mirror and tell my self that i can do it.. this idea came from tze lun.. the ex-head prefect.. at first it sounds weird and lame... but then when i think about how i want to build up my self-confidence to face the paper tomorrow.. i think talking to yourself is the best way because you know yourself better.. so dun be afraid to talk to yourself.. because it will definitely make yourself well-prepared for any upcoming event.. thanks tze lun... well i have studied two years for this particular exam... i can do it.. and if i can do it.. all of you can do it.. we all can do it... like obama said " yes we can!!! " hence we can do it.. as we know what we are capable of.. soo just do it... get it over with.. and celebrate...

i am very innocent

i am very innocent