Saturday, July 26, 2008

how i get insulted by having too many ex

it was few days ago, when i gt insulted by azim and hazman for having too many exs

azim: miya boyfriend ko angka giliran ke berapa

hazman: boyfriend yang maner satu azim..?(gelak bagi sakit hati aku)

miya: ko ingat aku takde keje ker nak bagi angka giliran utk semua ex aku( sumpah tgh bengang sekarang nie)

azim: aku rase kan kalau ko key-in semua angka giliran ex ko mesti komputer ko hang

hazman: tu ah pasal banyak sangat.

azim: kalau tekan A mesti sampai scroll bar tu jadi kecik. pastu ader option lagi a1,a2,a3...... sampai komputer kene virus...
(hazman dan azim gelak seperti dua santa claus yang baru turun dari langit)

miya: hahahah( gelak sekali dgn diorang padahal dalam hati rase nak bunuh jer dua ekor nie. nasib baik bapak azim lawyer)

Friday, July 25, 2008

10 things about relationship

sumtimes we tend to forget how important our relationship is.

sumtimes we need to do sumthing that is certainly beyond our imagination to make the relationship stronger.

sumtimes we need to let him/her go to give time to think of the sweet memories we had.

sumtimes we need to think of the future of our relationship.

sumtimes we should try to be on his/her shoes and try to be on their situation when things get complicated.

sumtimes when we are with someone else we tend to think of our recently new ex-gf or ex-bf.

sumtimes we need to realize that the sparks are there we just need to make it reappear.

sumtimes break up does not hurt but it hurts when we regret it

sumtimes when we knew to much about him/her we will finish their sentence before they do

sumtimes love is there but we just dun realize it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

the first time i had it .

ok first of all... it is exactly not related to sex.. sorry to let your hope down(to dirty minded ppl).. wakakak..

- from the first time i taste the softness of the bread,the tender of the meat, the freshness of the vege.. i knoe that this will always be my all-time favourite food.. the food im toking about is subway...i blame azim (anak kelantan yang keje kat tepi sawah tapi sekarang nie duduk kat belakang aku) because he was the one who brought me to subway near the 7e. at first i refused to eat because it doesnt look attrative at all. the mayonaise all leaking out...urghh.. but from the first bite i had.. omg its like a taste of heaven... its even better than big apple( i used to bring dozen of donuts at school twice a week) and Mc mUffin breakfast (i eat it every morning in class beside seh sen sumtimes i simply open it slowly and eat it nicely infront of seh sen to make him starve hahaha im evil seh sen im evil!! this goes with evil laugh as background music) and it is also better than choki-choki ( i eat it everyday...wait no... i eat it every period of class especially during english ( sorry puan deva) . After school i will find my victim to by subway with me..ill force them as hard as i can so that the price will be cheaper my favourite victims are of course azim... well the others are hazman( even when he has to use crutches and i ask him to go faster .. i was starving soo im not that bad la.. lapar what.. he still can walk) , hazmi ( i have no problem with him.. he is a 'nice' guy.. yeah really nice .. he listens to teacher, pay attention in class,never play around in class, never insult his friend, never play around with hazman crutches, never laugh at people, never insult the teacher.. im so proud to be his friend... he is a nice after the stressful exam i release my stress by having one subway melt.. and this time i went with azim.. well i did not 'pau' him rm10.. sorry azim ..he only had rm10.. hehehe.. well maybe when u guys have read all this u guys might think that i m a bad person... well maybe outside i am..but inside im just like hazmi.. ( but nicer la).. but what i like about hazmi is he is really funny... he loves to sing ( sometime it was just one word 'benny' lyrics)... thats all for now tata


p/s: i love all my friends...

i am very innocent

i am very innocent